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Traditional Pizza Course - 2 Days
Providing the perfect mix of old traditions and new technology, the Traditional pizza course teaches restaurateurs and culinary enthusiasts the secrets of making and serving this Italian staple from award-winning pizza masters. Conducted in our st...
Neapolitan Pizza Course - 1 Day
This course is ideal for restaurateurs who want to learn the art of Neapolitan pizza making. Originally created in Naples, this flatbread course is brought to life with the full zest and cultural know-how of our Neapolitan pizza masters, exclusive...
Pizza al Taglio (Teglia Romana) - 2 Days
The Pizza “al taglio”, also known as “pizza in the pan” is the current trending pizza style! Get ahead of the industry and learn how to make this thin, crisp and airy pizza in our professional, hands-on small class setting with one of our al Tagli...
Pinsa Romana Pizza - 2 Days
“PINSA” is the revisitation of an ancient roman recipe, revised by new ingredients and modern working techniques. The original idea of the recipe takes its shape from an ancient product that came from the peasant populations living right outside ...
Pizza Casa Al Taglio (residential) - 1 evening
Have you ever wanted to make fantastic pizza at home? We're not just talking a pizza "kit" but a real, authentic Italian Pizza. The Pizza Casa course will teach you how to do just that. In this intensive 1.5 hour long course attendees will begin ...