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“Pizza al Taglio course” (pizza in teglia - pizza al metro) - 2 Days

“Pizza al Taglio course” (pizza in teglia - pizza al metro) - 2 Days

“Pizza al Taglio course” (pizza in teglia - pizza al metro) - 2 Days


The Pizza “al taglio”, also known as “pizza in the pan” is the current trending pizza style! Get ahead of the industry and learn how to make this thin, crisp and airy pizza in our professional, hands-on small class setting with one of our Roman pizza making masters.

Due to its high hydration content, al taglio pizza is the ideal take out pizza, in fact many think it tastes better when it's reheated! While making the dough takes a bit more skill then your typical pizza, it is much easier to make and manage. A pizzeria specializing in Roman style pizza will have all their pizza made ahead of time, once they open, they simply cut the slices, reheat them and give them to their customers.

Our al taglio Pizza Course is held in a small group setting (no more then 8 people) giving you plenty of one on one time with our amazing instructor and all the confidence you need to know to start your Roman pizza journey.

While open to everyone, this course is designed primarily for those looking to open a pizzeria, or expand their existing restaurants menu to include al taglio pizza. You will have a chance to learn using professional high quality equipment from Italiana FoodTech.

Learn Practical Techniques Including How To:

  • Make high hydration dough (85-100% of water).
  • Portion, shape & fold dough for perfect proofing and maturation.
  • Stretch the dough onto the Roman pizza pan.
  • Organize your production by baking, pre-baking or par-baking.
  • Use & maintain the oven.
  • Top & present the pizza with new and trendy Italian pizza toppings.

Gain Theoretical Knowledge On:

  • Choosing the flour, distinguishing between 0, 00 & whole wheat flour.
  • The importance of levitation, fermentation & how they effect nutrition & flavour.
  • How temperature affects the dough.
  • How equipment choice & layout affects productivity.

Course Length:

Two Day Course - 10:00am - 2:00pm