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Traditional Pizza Course - 2 Days

Traditional Pizza Course - 2 Days

Traditional Pizza Course - 2 Days


Two Day Professional Course 
10:00am - 2:00pm

Providing the perfect mix of old traditions and new technology, the Traditional pizza course teaches restaurateurs and culinary enthusiasts the secrets of making and serving this Italian staple from award-winning pizza masters. Conducted in our state-of-the-art facility, this hands-on course is designed for all levels of learning and provides practical skills to make anyone a skilled pizza maker.

When we talk about Traditional pizza we are referring to the pizza that is typically found all over Italy, thin, crispy and offered with a wide variety of topping, rather than the typical "fast food pizza" that you see around North America. This pizza is amazing by the slice as its thin slices are easier to eat with your hands unlike it's Neapolitan rival.

Like all our courses, it is open to all but tailored to individuals looking to get into the pizza business, during the courses we use all commercial equipment and discuss topics related to operating and organizing a pizza business.

Learn Practical Techniques Including How To:

  • Make the perfect Traditional Italian dough. 
  • Divide & round individual pizza dough.
  • Stretch the pizza dough using a variety of techniques.
  • Top the pizza with traditional and new & trendy Italian pizza toppings.
  • Use & maintain the oven.

Gain Theoretical Knowledge On:

  • Choosing the flour, distinguishing between 0, 00 & whole wheat flour.
  • The importance of levitation, fermentation & how it affects consistency & flavour.
  • How temperature affects the dough.
  • How equipment choice & layout effects productivity.
  • Running food costs, marketing, business planning, etc.