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Join us for this informative and hands-on course. We promise hours of food, fun and fantastic pizza making techniques. At the end the course, you'll be a knowledgeable and confident pizza maker!

All students will receive a School of Italian Pizza course T-shirt, instructional booklet and certificate of completion to show that you're an S.O.I.P. graduate!

Learn practical techniques including how to:

  • How to make the pizza dough, and how hydration effects it.
  • Portion, shape and fold pizza buns for perfect levitation
  • Stretch the dough for the courses specific type of pizza.
  • Use and maintain the oven
  • Top and present the pizza with new and trendy Italian inspired pizza toppings

Gain theoretical knowledge on:

  • Choosing the flour, distinguishing between 0, 00 & whole wheat flour
  • The importance of levitation, fermentation and how they effect healthiness and flavor
  • How temperature affects the dough
  • How equipment choice and layout effects productivity.