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Pinsa Romana Pizza - 2 Days

Pinsa Romana Pizza - 2 Days

Pinsa Romana Pizza - 2 Days


Two Day Professional Course
10:00am - 2:00pm

“PINSA” is the revisitation of an ancient roman recipe, revised by new ingredients and modern working techniques.

The original idea of the recipe takes its shape from an ancient product that came from the peasant populations living right outside the walls of Rome. These populations used to cook “schiacciatine”(or “focacce”) by grinding cereal grains (millet, barley and spelt) and adding salt and aromatic herbs as well. The word Pinsa comes from the latin “Pinsere” that means: to lay, to stretch. The classic recipe has been revised, over the centuries, several times until today.
The main Pinsa Romana’s features are:
  • The Shape (oval, rectangular and not circular);
  • The Friability (crunchy outside and soft inside);
  • The Digestibility (by different techniques of leavening-maturation)
  • The Flour (from a secret recipe)
  • The Fragrance (due to the hours of maturation and the sourdough usage).

Our Pinsa  Course is held in a small group setting (no more than 8 people) giving you plenty of one on one time with our amazing instructor and all the confidence you need to know to start your Pinsa pizza journey.

While open to everyone, this course is designed primarily for those looking to open a pizzeria or expand their existing restaurant's menu. You will have a chance to learn using professional high-quality equipment from Italiana FoodTech.

Learn Practical Techniques Including How To:

  • Make high hydration dough (80-100% of water) 
  • Portion, shape & fold dough for perfect proofing and maturation.
  • Stretch the dough onto the Roman pizza pan and particular stretching technique for Pinsa.
  • Organize your production by baking, pre-baking or par-baking.
  • Use & maintain the oven.
  • Top & present the pizza with new and trendy Italian pizza toppings.
  • How to use different kinds of flour.

Gain Theoretical Knowledge On:

  • Choosing the flour, distinguishing between 0, 00 & whole wheat flour.
  • The importance of levitation, fermentation & how they effect nutrition & flavour.
  • How temperature affects the dough.
  • How equipment choice & layout affects productivity.

Attendees Receive:

  • 1 Course Booklet
  • 1 Graduate kit
  • 1 Certificate of completion