Davide D’Eramo

Davide has a passion for cooking and loves to continually try and experiment with his creations. He began working in the kitchen at the age of 20 and shortly thereafter discovered a particular interest in pizza, especially Roman-style pan pizza and Roman Pinsa.

Realising his passion, Davide decided to deepen his knowledge of pizza making by attending professional pizza making courses. After gaining experience in Roman pizzerias he left to work in Canada. Once in Toronto, he wanted to introduce Canadians to a new pizza style: Pinsa Romana. This effort was immediately appreciated, newspapers labeled his pizzas as "Best Pizza in Town".

As a consultant Davide helps with the opening of restaurants around the world. Thanks to his specialization in gourmet condiments he was noticed and used as an example by other industry professionals. In January 2019 he joined the Pinsa School team and the Di Marco company as Consultant and Teacher in all of their pizza courses. In January 2023 Davide opened his first pizzeria in Vienna, Austria ,where within a year he ranked sixth best pizzeria in Austria.

Thanks to this success and experience, David was asked by "The School of Italian Pizza" in Toronto to hold training courses and share his pizza making knowledge and bring Pinsa Style pizza to new pizza makers.