Professional Pizza Courses

Hands on courses tailored to those who truly love pizza and want to learn.

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Pinsa Romana

The newest addition to our class lineup

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Traditional Pizza Courses

The perfect mix of old traditions and new technology.

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Neapolitan Pizza Courses

Brought to life with the full zest and cultural know-how of our pizza masters.

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"Al Taglio" Pizza Courses

Get ahead of the industry and learn how to make delicious Roman “al taglio” pizza.

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Pinsa Casa Romana

Learn in a hands-on small class setting with one of our pizza making experts!

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The School of Italian Pizza

We don't just teach you how to make a pizza, we bring people together. We believe pizza is an innovation, an ideal for developing true culinary skill: a well balanced meal that's primed for greater success. Our goal is to provide students the education and confidence necessary to master the art of pizza making, and to help guide them on their way to opening a restaurant.

See what you'll learn from our Pizza Masters


There are three elements to a successful pizzeria:

Vision, Passion, and the School of Italian Pizza.

The School of Italian Pizza is great! They teach you how to make 3 mainstays of authentic Italiana pizza with instructors and equipment from Italy.

I had a lovely experience with my instructors! And great opportunity with endless practice. Thank you so much Alice and the team! Best place to learn true Italian Pizza!

Italiana FoodTech Inc.

Italiana FoodTech Inc offers the finest specialty equipment ideal for all culinary venues. Made in Italy and sold throughout North America, Italiana delivers uncompromised innovation, quality, durability and custom designs integrated with client needs at the forefront.

Italiana Shop

Italiana Shop brings Italian made pizza and pasta tools directly from Italy to your restaurant. If it has anything to do with pizza or pasta, the shop will deliver.