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No, videoing or photographing the class can be distracting for the pizza maker and other students. You'll enjoy the class much more by getting your hands into the dough rather than onto your screen!

All students must be 18 years of age or older, or 16 if accompanied by an adult participating in the course.

Casual clothing that you don't mind getting some flour on. Something you can move around in comfortably.

Any closed toe flat bottom shoes will be fine for the class. Something with grip is preferred as there may be some flour on the floor making it slippery. Make sure they are comfortable for standing in for extended periods of time as you'll be on your feet most of the class.

The Classica and residential classes are designed as introductory classes to the world of pizza making, and make a great place to start.

The Classica course provides the foundation of pizza making knowledge that other courses build upon. However, it is not a prerequisite to take any of the classes.

Classes run between 4-10 people with an average of 8. In the event that a course does not meet the minimum enrollment to run, we will contact the student and discuss options for them.

Sorry, our classes will require handling of Gluten, and while each student may top their pizza as they wish, there will typically be meats available on site for those who wish to top their pizzas with them.

We are unable to provide assistance with any of these, and are the responsibility of attendees.

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