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Giuseppe Cortinovis


Giuseppe Cortinovis

Born and raised in the small town of San Pellegrino Terme, Giuseppe Cortinovis an Italian baker specialized in pizza production since he left Italy in 2009. Drawing upon the experience from working in a bakery with his parents, Giuseppe started making pizza to pay for university. At this time he also started to compete nationally and internationally in pizza making competitions and placed in the finals at the “giropizza d’Europa” (European pizza challenge) four times out of the five times he entered. 

In 2010 Giuseppe created his first website about pizza: “” (then moved to and began traveling around the world, to spread “Italian pizza culture” selecting Australia as the starting point. From there he went to Thailand to follow the opening of a friend’s pizza restaurant in Chiang Mai. Next was Italy, where he worked again in the family business, before relocating to the UK to managed the pizza production of a small but busy Italian restaurant. 

He came to Canada in 2014, sponsored by the Glowbal Group, as lead pizza chef. He is now part of the opening team of: Trattoria Park Royal, Trattoria Burnaby, Bella Gelateria Yaletown, Social Corner, Nightingale, Ignite pizzeria; providing technical support, experience and staff training. 

In 2015 he published the book “I ACE” (in Italian) that describes his travel and work around Australia, followed by the English book “Bake Nouveau” in 2020, a book on baking. After founding his consulting company, “lovemypizza” in 2017, Giuseppe started to share his pizza making skills with students of the “School of Italian pizza” in Toronto. 

Giuseppe has competed in many Canadian pizza making competitions since moving to Canada. He finished second in thet “Canadian pizza chef of the year” in Toronto in 2015 and 2017, and won in 2019, and in 2023 in Vancouver.