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Cristiano Garbarino


Cristiano Garbarino

Cristiano Garbarino is the founder of the Percorsi di Pizza school in Rome. He has been a professional pizza chef for more than 20 years specializing in Romana Al Taglio style pizza. Since 2012 Christiano has also been a restaurant consultant and Master Pizza Chef. Christiano competed in, and won the 2018 World Pizza Championship in Parma Italy, in Roman Pizza and Dough Customization.

Cristiano says of himself:

"My passion for pizza was born when I was still in my mother's belly (who was a great pizza eater) and continued and increased as time passed.” 

Now, Cristiano travels the world to teach pizza making. His students have opened their pizzerias all internationally with his help. He is proud to share his love and knowledge of Roman pizza making to The School of Toronto Pizza in Toronto.